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Mindset: The Matter of Money

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Let’s face it. I can spew all the spirituality and personal self help mantras to manifest and create abundance from within. But there is nothing like having some money in the bank. And in order to work hard at earning the kind of money we feel we deserve, we have to change our mindset about the whole megillah.

Although our money may seem scarce – to live in a mentality of scarcity only keeps you in the low numbers.

To freak out on not having the dosh by jumping ship to live where you don’t want to live, to be with the people you don’t want to be with, to think the way you don’t want to think – will only keep you there.

If you need something – work hard to earn it. To earn it is to know how to get it. To get it is to know how to keep it.

Think of all the lottery winners who’ve lost their dough by buying stupid stuff or “making it rain” instead of investing wisely. If you didn’t know how to earn it – how are you going to know how to keep it?

I’ve always feared money. I seemed to have come into this world fearing everything. Sometimes I wonder if I was ripped away from my previous life and reincarnated so fast that I still had the old birth marks of the person I may have once been. Everything, from the first day I can remember being here on earth,  felt frightening. The constant feeling of nausea – at food, mornings, doctors, school – was constant, until I could navigate the world.

But money is weird for me. My parents were always saving and being careful with it. I had friends who always seemed to have more money in their lives than I did. Nicer houses, more vacations, nicer clothes. Although my folks tried hard and did give me a lot, money had to be treated in practical terms.

If my mother wanted to join a gym to get fit and healthy, my father would scream and yell about it.

If my mom wanted to go back into the workforce after raising me past the age of 10, my dad would tell her she was all talk and no walk. So – she didn’t try.

I’m not trying to rail on my dad. He was a good man who felt he needed the whole world to be on his shoulders, and didn’t know how to understand my mom.

Money and how we treat it tends to come from how our parents handled it. But we’re only a product of our parents. We don’t have to live or think the way they did.  We’re individuals with our own strengths.

Sometimes we have to look at money like positive energy. It’s a currency that is so ethereal. It’s paper with value, and it determines our well being. But it shouldn’t.

We should feel wealth from within.

But try saying that to my bank account and landlord. Am I right?

Time to change the mindset. I’m going to try not to allow money to frighten me.

How about you?

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Let’s Be Clear on Clarity

wisdom oneBe clear in you goals. Be clear. Set a plan. With each goal, see what you’re going to do today to help you reach that incredible destination. Spend 60-90 minutes everyday working on what you want. Take it from me. I never really claimed what I wanted – to myself – to the universe. It was all wishy washy. It was all –  I just want a job to pay the bills- kind of language. Let’s change this intention. If you give out vague, you’re going to get back vague. The universe is a energy field connected to our mindset. Our minds are powerful. Set sail for a specific horizon with your eyes focused on your goal. If you don’t, you’ll run aground on Gilligan’s Island, and sadly everyone on that island, with the exception of Ginger and Mary Anne are dead. What a drag.

goalsettingWhat do you want as a writer and as a person in this universe of life? Let’s all be clear about what we want. Let’s claim a stake on how we see our lives the way we want it to be. This includes loved ones, family life and purpose. Think – what is it that you want to do and write it down here. Go ahead. I have this comment box below and I want to put it to good use. Let’s start the talk so we can walk the walk. Let’s not be unhappy and lost anymore. Right here and now. What do you want, and what are the steps you will take to make it happen?