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Time To Toot the Horn: ‘The Good Write’

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It takes a lot to be a writer. Self motivation, inspiration, dedication. Writing despite resistance and the negative little demons that hold you back can be a major hurdle to overcome.

While writing my book “Hitting Water”,  blogging here on “Order of the Good Write” and while working on my own written projects,  I’ve been slowly building a writing coach business to help other writers get out of their writing rut.

Embedded in the model of this biz is a charitable initiative: A percentage of my fee will be donated to education organizations like ‘Pencils of Promise’ and ‘Let Girls Learn’.

It’s my hope to help less fortunate children gain the means to write their own stories.

So, you can say – I’m building a business with a purpose.

No matter where we live, or who we are – we are brought into this world to produce something beautiful.  Nothing should hold you back – not oppression, lack of education, lack of confidence or self doubt.

It’s kind of like beaming a little piece of heaven down to earth.  Whether you are spiritual or humanistic, there’s no denying it. We are meant to bring forth something wonderful to add to this world.

There are writers out there with amazing stories destined to be shared, but everyday noise drowns out that creative voice that longs to speak.

Today, I’m launching my website TheGoodWrite.com

Although it currently lacks the bells and whistles of MailChimp, Opt-Ins, Pop Ups, PayPal and all the goodies that will eventually be tied into the site, I’m putting it out there now – in all it’s simplest form.

Because writing, like building a site from scratch, is something you work on a lot or a little everyday. Some days you devote less time than others, but you keep at it.  Little by little – you’ll see something flourish into something amazing.

Right now, TheGoodWrite.com is just a simple site containing my work, some motivational tools and booklets I’ve written, and info on how to get in touch with me for one on one coaching.

But in time, I hope to see it flourish into a subscriber based platform, where others can share their stories and in turn, help children living in oppressed conditions gain the education to enable them to share their own.

So – my wonderful WordPress bloggers and followers (and followees) – here it is — TheGoodWrite.com.

Please check it out!  Let me know what you think.




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‘The Good Write’: A New Year, A New Day

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Happy New Year my fellow WordPress writers!

I hope you all had an amazing, fun and restful holiday season.  I am so grateful that you’ve been following my blog over the year and a half it has been up and running! Thanks so much for your support and readership!

Furthermore, your blogs have kept me going and were a tremendous inspiration to me. I look forward to writing for you and continuing to read your work in the new year!

2015 has been a rough one. News around the world has been devastating for humanity.  Through the difficult images on the news and in our personal lives, there has to be a budding flower of goodness. I’d like to take the initiative to help us all do a little good in the world.

Let me know what you think.

It’s my intention to help bring my writing coaching company, ‘The Good Write’ into 2016 with a purpose. Not only do I endeavor to help writers find their voice to tell stories for the world to read, I also want to give back to those who do not have a voice to do so.

Children around the globe (and of course, I include the United States in this) are not able to go to school due to poverty and cultural standards imposed on children, and in some countries – specifically on girls.

For the new year, I’m offering coaching sessions for writers who are stuck writing their novels, articles or blogs at a discount.  With every writer I coach, I will donate 1% percentage of your fee to ‘Pencils of Promise’‘Let Girls Learn’ or  ‘The Boys and Girls Club of America’ respectively.

Join ‘The Good Write’ and gain a writing coach (ME!) who will not only help you meet your personal writing goals, but will allow you to help out a child in the world to get the education so they can one day write their story. The choice on which charity above you’d like a portion of your payment to go is yours. It’s tax deductible and it’s a win win initiative!

Let’s make 2016 a creative and purposeful year. Let’s share our stories, let’s live our dreams, and let’s help children who are in dire need of education to do the same.

Please email me at drotmil@gmail.com for further information on private sessions at a reasonable cost. All sessions are confidential, and your creative property will never be copied or shared.

Join me! Let’s all find creative wealth in the new year while giving aid to the next generation of storytellers.







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A Story Well Told: “Pencils of Promise”

adam braun pencils of promise

Adam Braun with a student in Guatemala. Photo by Nick Onken/Pencils of Promise.

When Adam Braun survived a near death experience aboard the ship chartered by Semester at Sea, his life changed forever.

As a student at Brown University in the mid-2000’s he had already long been focused on a path toward Wall Street success. He worked at hedge funds during his summer breaks as a teenager, constantly envisioning a career in the financial sector, destined to settle into a nice cushy job somewhere in downtown New York City.  In fact, after his semester at sea, he did accept a position at Bain & Company, a substantial financial consulting firm, believing he could change the world as a personal project on the side.

Yet, something tugged at him.  That semester at sea changed him. The desire to see the world around him never abated. He was the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, whose own tragedy, ultimate survival and steadfast Jewish grandmother devotion was a constant inspiration in his life. Despite the materialistic prognostications of a young man where wealth and first class treatment were there for the taking, he was always moved by her story, humbled by the world she built so he would have the opportunity of an affluent life.  Add his experience on that college journey, and the echo inside him grew louder.

While on the journey with SAS, he visited various impoverished countries, and walked through villages where people begged for food. Most of those people were small children, running the streets, hustling people for what jangled in their pockets.  The vast contrast between Adam’s life in leafy Connecticut and Rhode Island, opposed to the unconscionable living conditions of these children not only instilled a deep desire to do something, it stirred thoughts about his grandmother and the horrors she endured. There lay the connection.  He had everything in his life thanks to the sacrifice of family who endured hardship.

He created a practice. For each country he visited, he’d ask one child this question: “If you could have one thing in the world, what would it be?”

Their answers astonished him.  They didn’t ask for a big car, or an iPad, or a fun gadget. They asked for simple things, like their mother being present instead of having to work. Food. Health.  Until one day, a little girl answered him with this simple answer, “A pencil”.  The seed of his true passion was planted. He realized that the one main thing children really hunger for besides food is an education. So many were not receiving one. There were no schools.

So, he decided to build one.  Then another, and then another.

Today, Adam’s “For-purpose” organization Pencils of Promise has built (and continues to build) as of today – 304 schools around the world, providing education for children in need, expanding minds and imaginations for generations to come.

I’ve just finished reading Adam’s fantastic book “The Promise of a Pencil”.  Everything about Adam’s story is filled with spirituality, passion and unbridled determination. Each chapter starts off with an inspirational mantra one can carry with them as they embark on their own purpose.

The book ends with a noteworthy message, especially one that resonates deeply with me – a writer and writing coach focused on helping people tell their story.  Indeed, Adam has a mighty one:

“As humans, we are natural storytellers. We weave narrative into nearly every relationship we build and value. I realized that I needed to live a life that reflected the themes of the stories I wanted to one day tell, and when I veered off that path later on, it was time to make a change. Regardless of age or status, if you’re not satisfied with the path you’re on, it’s time to re-write your future. Your life should be a story you are excited to tell.”

~Adam Braun, from “The Promise of a Pencil”

I’ve become obsessed by Pencils of Promise. Please visit their site at pencilsofpromise.org. See what they do. See what YOU can do. Marvel how they’ve made positive changes in the name of living a “For-Purpose” life, creating positive change to the lives of children around the globe.

Let’s all live purposefully.