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When an Off-Broadway Show Hits a Milestone


Just had to sing some praises! (Despite the fact the coma on my keyboard isn’t working. Pardon the dashes!)

‘Daddy Long Legs’ is the little show that could. It just celebrated 200 performances at the Davenport Theater!

If you’re in the NYC area – spend a matinee or evening with this lovely story filled with heartbreaking and life affirming beauty. Plus – real married couple and stars Megan McGinnis and Adam Halpin are a couple of cuties. Lovely all around!

Because I am slightly obsessed and love to champion good creative work -the producer’s team kindly gave me a discount coupon to share with family and friends. Please click through and grab a seat or two!

Or go to: https://www.telechargeoffers.com/go.aspx?MD=2001&MC=DLLDEBI

And if you don’t – that’s okay. I’ll still love ya! But give it a try. As a written piece – it’s a corker.




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‘Daddy Long Legs’: Happy Storytelling


Megan McGinnis and Adam Halpin in ‘Daddy Long Legs’

We all love a good story. Storytelling allows us to feel grounded with humanity, and can be a catalyst for growth. As I develop ‘The Good Write’ into a platform to help coach writers and to develop tools to help write their own tale, I  will continue to be a bullhorn for great storytelling and to encourage writers to get their ideas out on paper for the world to see.

As some of my readers may already know, I’m a very big fan of the lovely and charming off-Broadway show ‘Daddy Long Legs’, a musical that is storytelling at its finest,  beautifully and intimately told through letter writing,  gorgeous melodic music and divine performance.

Back in October, I had the opportunity to see it at the Davenport Theater and was captivated by its charm.

Furthermore, back in December of 2015, the show was also the first theater performance streamed live on the internet. It’s the little show that has created major ripples in the digital and theatrical universe.

I love to champion a production that deserves recognition. That is why I’m honored to provide a opportunity for you to see it with your family and friends at a discount price.

Please click on this link to claim your tickets ->


You can also go directly to www.telechargeoffers.com and use the promotion code DLLDEBI to purchase your discount tickets.

The secret to happiness are many things. If you live in the NYC area or plan on visiting, please go see this lovely cast at The Davenport Theater on West 45th street and find a pocket of happiness . You may want to write a letter about it!

And when you do, please let me know about it here or email at drotmil@gmail.com.








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Postcards Back Home

DaddyLongLegsLast weekend, I attended an off-Broadway show called ‘Daddy Long Legs’. It’s a little charmer, now running at the Davenport – a small intimate theater with a big heart on the edge of the Great White Way.

The show is about an orphaned girl –  now a young woman on the verge of adulthood – and the young wealthy man who  anonymously pays for her education. Through letter writing, they fall in love.  Megan McGinnis (who plays Jerusha) and Will Reynolds (who played Jervis the day I was there) are so wonderful in bringing on the heart ache.

It’s a divine little play, and I highly recommend it! But there was something that really intrigued me – so much so, I was compelled to do something…odd.

The crew of ‘Daddy Long Legs’ has a little marketing plan that was equally has sweet, and indeed – charming.

Within the show program, there was a postcard promoting the show with a little note encouraging audience members to write to a loved one to tell them how much they loved it. They would pay for postage. The little mailbox was in the lobby for posting.

I didn’t know of any addresses off hand – despite my dying iPhone containing a bunch of contact info barely accessible since my battery kept going flat twice a day.

So, I thought of the one address that is forever ingrained in my head. The one address I used since the day I was born until the year I graduated college and my family moved somewhere else.

My childhood home.

It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do – to write to the inhabitants of the house where I grew up to say hello and to mention how it’s always been in my dreams.

The house was small, not entirely well kept, and could have been loved more than it was. There were so many things going on with my parents and there were times it wasn’t a very bright and wondrous place. Family issues, arguments, dark times and bleak corners.

But I loved the home. I loved the village that remains the center of town. No matter what – I always felt safe and loved in that house. I’ve longed for that feeling since. I’ve moved and moved and transferred across country — yet never found that same sense of home.

Our next door neighbors – the ones who lived there when my family was in the house – still reside there. I continue to be friends with their eldest son – one of my best friends during our young days.  Apparently the family who moved in after us are still there – having moved in when we moved out — 1986.

Which means – they have lived in my childhood home longer than we did. Yet, my memories and dreams still linger within it’s old walls. Walls that have now been expanded and updated as far as I can see via Google.

So, hopefully that strange little postcard I sent from this small little theater just off-Broadway was a little bright spot in their day. I simply wrote, “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I used to live in your house and still love it today. Hope it still contains a little of that love.”

Strange! Theater inspires us in ways we least expect. Writing that anonymous postcard was congruent to Jarvis and Jerusha’s correspondence. Both were acts based on universal love.

If you’re in New York and want to see ‘Hamilton’. Forget it. That show is sold out forever. There are other wonderful opportunities to see great intimate and emotionally moving theater – like ‘Daddy Long Legs’ at the Davenport Theater.

Please check it out.  It just might inspire you to do something amazing.