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The World Inside Us

theworldbeforeusThe video I posted yesterday of Astronaut Ron Garan’s time lapse video taken from the International Space Station stays with me today. It not only packs a punch when you think of perspective and how we are tiny dots on the butt of the universe, it also produces this lofty profound feeling of peace. Looking at planet Earth from so high above the atmosphere where it’s a glowing magical ball of aurora borealis and green ionosphere colors, there’s tranquility – like the empty space in our minds and heart when one meditates.

The quiet nothingness of outer space is like that quiet corner of the mind. When we view the planet from on high, we see this serene sphere and know it is vibrating with life and colliding emotions. How silly do we feel knowing how small our problems are, how man made our issues, how destructive human ego can be when we are riding on a big glowing ball in the middle of a dark vast universe of stars?

Each of us has a bit of heaven or outer space in our hearts and minds. The outer space within us brings forth some good writing. Sit still and listen to thoughts that come from that space. Don’t block the daydreams that enter your head, (unless you have to attend to responsibilities, of course). When you have a chance, try turning off the chaos around you. Ideas will come. This also helps if you’re trying to tap into your intuition, to help you make a difficult decision.

As John Lennon once sang, “There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.” Do you know why? Because there is a world inside us that provides a deep abundant well of good stuff.

Little by little you allow the open space – “The Big Wherever” to let it rush through. As my online guru Marie Forleo says “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” Bring it.

Each of us has something to offer. Earth looks so pretty when we see it from a space station orbiting above. Why not listen to our calling and try to make it better down below?

I love doing these pep talk blogs. I’m not just trying to help anyone out there reading this, I’m giving a pep talk to myself as well. We’re all in this together!


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Reality Check: The World is Big and We Are Small

I really think it’s cool that my old school friend Gina’s cousin is Astronaut Ron Garan. What a noble profession. What a trippy, awesome career. Back in 2011, he participated in a five and a half month program on the International Space Station. Alongside a Russian crew, he watched our fragile planet from above. On their last day in space, Garan took time lapsed video footage of Earth as the crew made their final orbit before touching down. It was edited along with the music of Peter Gabriel.

As the they rotate over oceans, and land mass, it’s hard to believe that in the peaceful, gravity free nothingness of space, this beautiful world has so much war, horror and unrest down below. But there is also love and understanding between the folds,  “vast edges drear, and naked shingles of the world” – as Matthew Arnold once wrote.

Goodnight bloggers and readers of WordPress. I encourage you to view this video. It’s beautiful. Perspective. It’s all perspective.