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Cat on a Soft Grey Roof

We should all be as chill as this little pumpkin cat on a Monday morning. He (or she) lives in the backyard of my apartment building.  He/She has dwelled and languished back there since I moved in two years ago.  The neighbors, including myself, all take turns feeding her, although I do think the people downstairs have been doing it consistently. My dog looks at her inquisitively whenever we walk from the car to the back door of our home. Sometimes this little guy serenades to the black kitty who sits in the ground floor window.

Why doesn’t someone take her in? Does she belong to someone in the complex, who keeps her outside because she’s an outdoor cat?  Or are people just figuring she fine out there, even though she meows loudly for food or attention.

I haven’t taken her in because I don’t know much about cats. Will she/he scratch my furniture? Will he mark my stuff and smell up the place? Maybe someone does own her, and if I took her in, I’d be stealing her? (Him?)

My co-worker took a look at this photo I took of kitty on the roof of my neighbor’s soft convertible roof.  She said that this little cat is a Marmalade, which is not a common type, therefore she/he is quite special. Laying still, he/she let me photograph her. I think the poor thing is tired of running from the world.  Time to do some investigating.