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Writing: Finding Blessings in the Details

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Maybe I’m embracing the world of “woo-woo” lately, but I’m learning to understand mindset and how our imaginations can bring forth certain realities in our lives.

When you write or create with the vision of adding something new into he world with thought, imagination, craft and heart – you stir the energy that brings about a magnification of things you never noticed before.

When you touch base with what you’re meant to be doing – you see some beauty unfold around you.

Suddenly, you feel the need to help others in pain. You reach out despite your own worries and fears and aid someone who is drowning in problems.

Your mindset shifts, and new ideas to get yourself out your own rut start to flourish, and the darkness seems to break away, leaving you open to new prospects – your own prospects – not the job prospects that teased and fooled you on LinkedIn.

A few years ago, I was angry and brutally disappointed by a relationship I had hoped would work out. Yet, it was ruined by a prettier, skinnier and younger woman who came into his life. The anger bubbled and burst within. I wished them the most nastiest, deepest, ugliest and worst of luck. I wanted to cast spells and issue voodoo-like chants to kill their love.

Then, I moved to a new address and the backlash of that anger was returned to me by a very dark, unhappy and vindictive next door neighbor whose actions I won’t go into because they don’t matter anymore.

As I lived next door to her, I didn’t allow her negativity to bother me. In fact, it infused a need to create something good in this world. I started writing intensely and ended up publishing a book of short stories.

In time, I started to build a business model (and still doing so) for The Good Write.

As she lived and stewed in her apartment, complaining and trying to cover her dark tracks with fake kindness to make up for her bad behavior, I tried to create a new mindset of positive contribution, creative expression and goodness.

I’m not perfect, but the intention was clear and steadfast. No more anger. Look what I attracted with it. Someone nearby whose anger lashed out at me and any innocent bystander.

As George Harrison once sang, “A thought could blow those clouds away”. I focused on something new and better, the “cloud” next door moved away.

Not too long after she left, a handsome guy named Pete moved in. Fresh from Wyoming, he longed to surf and be near the beach. It took him four months of ten mile traffic jams to Santa Monica from Hollywood to realize this wasn’t the place for him, so he moved to Malibu. Perhaps he cleared the energy for the next phase.

A lovely, sweet young couple moved in next door. Students at USC, they compose music. They rehearse, sing, talk and laugh. They don’t even mind it when my dog whines a little when I’m out.

Perhaps my positive mindset has attracted this lovely couple. Or, maybe I just got lucky this time. (However, there are new neighbors moving in downstairs from me. Fingers are crossed the positive vibes will carry.)

Writing got me out of the darkness. It gave me a higher purpose with goals to shoot for. It allowed and still allows me to flush out the bad and restore the good. Writing and the machination behind it, allows me to attract the lovely people and notice their goodness.

Today, as I pulled out of the driveway to head to work, I saw my lovely neighbors  walking together, hand in hand. They are the very embodiment of bright light and love.

What a brilliant change they’ve brought to that apartment next door. What a shift in mindset and intention.  It’s like someone opened the window to a fresh new day after wallowing in the dark too long.






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The Church of Subconscious


I’m learning about the subconscious lately. The subconscious is the undertow of beliefs that lurk beneath the surface of your mind, running congruent with your conscious. Strangely enough, the sub-c (as I’m calling it) can aid in manifesting the good and bad things that enter your life.

I’m at constant war with my subconscious, but I unknowingly dip into like it’s the bible of my life. Although my conscious wants expansive and successful new outcomes as it strives for positive change – the subconscious still holds a blueprint of negativity potentially attracting the very things I fear.

If I try to live in the present my subconscious immediately wants to worry about the future, and reminds me of the past.

If I try to block negative thoughts floating through my mind, the subconscious will allow them to linger, hold them up as an illustration of what could happen when the very opposite is true.

If I worry about money,  the subconscious is happy to wallow in that concern. Even if there really isn’t anything to be fearing, such as security, business ventures going bad and more dollars in the bank.  Perhaps a good dose of worry and concern is needed in order to avert problems that could arise. After all, you shouldn’t always have your head in the clouds, going blissfully along in life until you realize you weren’t keeping your eyes on your spending habits, or the level of life you can afford. But to practice the belief that fear is the be all of everything – well, the more fear you entertain, the more fearful things will crop up in your life.

Sometimes the subconscious will convince you that you’re not worthy. Your conscious will say, I’m pretty cool – but your subconscious runs on the same DOS format built by your childhood. Yeah – you’re awesome, but you’re not attractive enough to find love or a well paying job. You think you’re the bomb, but your sub-c is still saying that no man will want you.  It convinces you that men are more interested in crazy women, and that’s why you attract men who leave you and take up with a crazy lady. Or maybe you’re the crazy one? (You can see I’m talking to myself here – a known form of insanity.)

It’s like Culture Club once sang, “Love is hard to find in  the church of the Poison Mind”.

As Cathy Collaut, PH.D discusses in her practice, you are the CEO of your life. Your conscious wants to succeed and in ways your subconscious will be happy to sabotage.  She explains how to treat you sub-c as an employee, where you ask it questions, such as  – why it’s creating these underlying feelings?  What is the source of the fear, anger and bitter feelings towards what the conscious is trying to achieve? Once we are aware of wayward thoughts in the undertow of our mind, will we be able to shatter self sabotage and run a successful business called life.

Then we can give our sub-c a pay raise and go on vacation.