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Keep A Fire For the Open Sky

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It’s a fascinating thing, to  look back into one’s psyche and try to remember the first moments of life on earth. Some people remember coming out of the womb, or being in it, swimming in the warm, embryonic fluid. Others remember their moments before creation when some other worldly spirit guide gave them a choice on how they want to live their lives, and with whom they wish to be born.

Me – I don’t remember anything before that time of birth. But if I think very hard, I may remember being in my mothers belly, warm and safe. I don’t remember any spirit guides showing me a picture of where I want to be born. I can’t believe that even exists. If it does, then why is there such horror in this world? What spirit would offering a palate of a life suffering in bombed out Afghanistan or Syria seeing their loved ones die from chemical warfare, or be physically and mentally ravished by rape, oppression, torture and murder – and say – okay – I’ll take that life?

What souls would actually feel they could endure such suffering? Is there a true club of martyrdom in heaven? Do these people have one more phase of earthly hell to go through before they’re promised a seat beyond the true pearly gates and never have to come back earth to live it all over again?

Is Bob Barker up there giving them some eternal prize behind a door?

Bob Barker:

Okay, soul about to be born – do you chose what’s behind door one (a life of wealth and glory) or the living freaking putrid hell of what’s behind door two!

New Soul:

Oh dear… oh…I can’t decide (Audience screams, Door two!! Door two!)  Oh, well, I guess I’ll have to go with door 2 Bob!!

Door two opens and the bats of hell swoop the confused contestant within their sharp talons and thrust him through the vagina of a woman giving birth in a bombed out building in Somalia during a mass human extermination.

Yeah – don’t think so. I don’t believe there is a panel of big spirits above doing that sort of thing to newbie babies about to be born. I doubt the little indentation above everyone’s lip is an angel’s finger tip placed there as a reminder to hush up about what you remember before birth.

I believe life is random. I believe life is energy. We are all energy forces with physical movement intent and potential – just like a ball being rolled up a hill, or a silver sphere being pulled and released as an example of scientific potential learned on the counter tops of your science classroom.

What we feel, what we think and desire as we work toward a goal – will stir energy in the universe – energy we are all tapped into – energy we can create and manifest various events that will lead us on paths linear or unconventional.

Some people have the manifestations sooner because they were born into a family or life where the energy was already created and prepared for their own advancement.

Others have to work at it, and work at it we do! And with happiness in knowing that we are in control of our destiny, and God’s fate really rests in our own hands. Yes, I do believe in God. I believe God is the energy inside us that propels our downfalls if we let it get there – and allows us to ascend to great heights if we so wish.

That’s my little sermon for this Sunday.  Take it from here, Jackson.