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There’s Only One Peter Pan

An old friend of mine commented on Facebook this morning, that she never understood why Peter Pan has usually been played by women. From Mary Martin to Cathy Rigby to last night’s Allison Williams, it’s confounding why this has become a habit when casting this role.

I didn’t see last night’s live version of “Peter Pan” on NBC, but I have read some interesting comments and funny tweets. One person on Twitter thought she was seeing one, long SNL sketch with Christopher Walken. Ana Gasteyer tweeted, “I want that tinkerbell noise to remind me when I’m supposed to track my points.”

Allison Williams seems to be nice. She’s great in the show “Girls”. Nothing ground breaking or remarkable. It’s not like a star was born thanks to the HBO show or from last night’s event.  She has a terrific publicist, helping a client who obviously wants to be famous. But I digress. I’ve done enough bitching and negative smack talking this week.  I only wanted to say – at the end of a Friday that marks the end of a really annoying week for me – that the only Peter Pan I want to see is in the video above. The re-imagining of Peter as a man who did grow up in the film “Hook” is my favorite. Robin Williams was born to play him, even at the age of 40.