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Lebenskünstler: Live is Art

boyhood“Lebenskünstler” is German for “Live Art”.  It’s one of those amazing words that lend general reference to a feeling or vibe. Like “schadenfreude” or “kvelling”, “chutzpah” or “zeitgeist”,   “Lebenskünstler” – captures a feeling a vision of being. To live in art. Become art. Live life as art.  “Live From Anywhere, it’s art live!”  It fits into that category.

Richard Linklater, the writer and director of the now Oscar nominated film “Boyhood” mentioned the word during an interview he did with Marc Maron’s podcast “WTF”.  “Boyhood” was created over a twelve year span and starred the same people, allowing the viewers to watch the same young boy (and the other kids and adults around him) grow up with the story. It’s an amazing feat. It’s an extraordinary film.

What if we could live our lives as art?  If we could delve into the day to day and transpost our every move into words and story. Of course, we all do that in some way. Writing our thoughts, tweeting our whereabouts, blogging our feelings on a day to day basis. Technology has given us the forum to allow our lives to become art. We photograph our surroundings and post them. This is art. We write about how much we love a film like “Boyhood” or “Birdman” and flesh out the experience by adding our story about when and where we saw the feature, whom we were with. If we saw the flick on our birthday. Was it a day out with the family. We can explore the concept of what we were feeling that day. If it rained while on line to buy a ticket> How did that make us feel? Live encompassed in a creative moment, encapsulated in written words, photos or a painting – if you so wish to present it that way. Our lives are Lebenskünstler,

It’s my believe that the human race and the universe we live in is one amazing accident. Let’s make it art.