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Sunday Puddles Pity Party

It’s a beautiful early spring Sunday, and my ears want to hear a good song. What better way to treat my tender lobes (and yours) than post a video from my favorite troubadour Puddles the Clown…?

He’s the traveling Pagliacci, the dour, sweet, torch toting, bedraggled clown with 40 miles of hard road in his eyes and a voice like silk. Puddles is a character created by the incomparable singer Big Mike Geier.   He brings performance art to a higher standard of awe.

This is a truly a profound rendition of the song “You Don’t Know Me”, and it’s sure to stir a chill in your spine and a tear in your eye. Please watch it straight through. His silence at the start is very much part of the performance. It weighs the moment with depth.


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“On The First of March, On the Holiday…”

To those who celebrate, Happy Casimir Pulaski Day.

Sufjan Stevens wrote a song about a friend who passed away on this day, but in creating the story, he brought forth a holiday that goes unnoticed for some in the U.S.A.  We never celebrate it in New York or California. Do you? (A little ditty about Jacksonville is also included.) Enjoy it on a Sunday!