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That Magic Feeling When the Words Flow. A Blog by Debi Rotmil


My name is Debi Rotmil.  I’m the author of the book “Hitting Water: A Book of Stories” and founder of The Good Write Consulting.

Here’s my story:

For too many years, I was a writer who didn’t write, a creative who didn’t create. Lost in the day- to- day world of earning an income while on the watch of a corporate company (so safe, so secure – until the lay offs) my writing and dreams of getting the book bubbling inside me slowly became a distant memory.

Through a series of challenging life circumstance, (two of the them being, hey – you’re not getting any younger or richer) I threw down the gauntlet, and decided to write 500 to 1000 words a day as a challenge. Not just on a blog or on Twitter, but words contributing to a productive outcome – a tangible book. And if I had to self publish it – well, that’s what I’ll do.

Well, I did it with “Hitting Water”, and I’m continuing to crank out words and paragraphs and stories on a daily basis. It has empowered me, enlivened me. It has given me purpose.

I want to share this enthusiasm for taking control of your writing, blocking out self doubt and forgetting that fake hill you think you have to climb to get it done.

My business, The Good Write Consulting, is my contribution to the writers of the world who are stuck, frustrated and daunted by the prospect of writing a book that will be seen. That’s where I was a year ago. Although I cannot write and publish that book for you, I will help you crack open the problems that hold you back and open the floodgates for writers to write while making them accountable for their work. I’ve had coaches who’ve helped me. Now I want to give back.

Yes, I work at Paramount Pictures and am so lucky to be in the coolest place in LA, but I hope to evolve my consulting so I can make writers who lost their dream…find it again.






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  1. Hi there! I nominate you for the ‘Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’ Award. Check out my blog for details! Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Wow, I may have actually found a blog that’s really good read.

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