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Library Realness


I took this picture in the reading room of the Morgan Library in New York City. I long to go back. Opulent. Peaceful. Rich colors and a collection of the most wondrous reading and materials in the world.



Finding Your Ground In Uncertain Times

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What to do under the stress of uncertainty? Take a page out of The Course in Miracles.


Stay focused on love.

Be grateful for what you have now, in this moment.

Keep your passions alive, and know that no matter where you are in a few months, the universe has you in its palm.

Work at it.

Stay focused on your passions.

The things you love to do, the talents you long to stretch – cannot be taken away from you. As long as you’re working hard on what you want to bring forth in this world, or land that wonderful job somewhere – you will be on the path to find it.

I know it sounds all woo-woo, but it’s really not, if you change your mindset.

I steal away during lunch hours at this wonderful job assignment I’m currently on and meditate to stay connected to what has existed before we did. It keeps me grounded. It clears my head of noise. If I’m overwhelmed with work, it settles my mind so I can go back and tackle the challenge with a clearer head.

It eradicates the fear that tries to bubble up when I wonder if they’ll like me enough to keep me. It gives me grounding strength to do the best job I can for people who have faith in me.

The only three things we can do is ask these questions:

1) Where would you have me go.
2) What do you want me to say?
3)..and to whom?

Just stay focused on who you are. And always ask yourself, “How can I be of help?”.

Now, that’s an “Amen” for a Tuesday night!

(If you’ve never heard of The Course In Miracles, check it out. I assure you, it’s not a cult or weird philosophy. It’s basically a study of the science of the mind and spirit that is a practice that helps you know what’s important, and how to live life without fear. It provides you with inner strength, and helps you wash away judgement and all that caddy behavior we sometimes like to waste our time with.)