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I’ve a confession to make. I’m obsessed with design. Interior design. Architecture. Renovations. The feel of fabric, the visual layers of patterns contrasting with fiber and wood, brick and fireplace or stone counter and tile.

This blog has been quiet lately because I’m in the midst of trying to re-invent something. Being visual, I enjoy photography, design and the work behind making a home – specifically -home – something to behold as sanctuary.

Is there anyone out there who loves design? Loves to re-create their living experience to make it a warm, nesting experience that fulfills all functional needs and utilizes space with style?

I’m off to think of a new venture. Maybe it’s this.



Author: Debi Rotmil

I'm Debi Rotmil. I'm the author of the book "Hitting Water: A Book of Stories" and founder of The Good Write. I work in finance, write, eat, walk the dog, write, blog, jog, spin. I work everyday to try and change the world in my own way.

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