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“Cross Eyed and Painless” by David Byrne




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“History Has Its Eyes on You”: Vote


I’m a first generation American, born to parents who each came to this country as refugees due to two separate historical events. My mother was Cuban and left when Castro threw her family out of the country. My father survived a childhood running from Hitler and found refuge in the US. Today, I voted for my kin and everyone who came to this country to participate in its democracy. I pray that goodness will prevail today. I believe this acrimonious election is the truest test of democracy and what our forefathers fought for.  Today, I voted in a senior citizen building in Los Angeles’ Korea Town, where 99% of the tenants were Korean. I’m sure those who were able to came down to vote. This is what makes America great. We are a community of immigrants. All of us. This country is and has always been GREAT.

So many fought for this right to vote. This was how I felt this morning leaving the polls.